Puzzling or Puzzle-Solver? Including Sports In The School Curriculum!

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Sports in school
Indian icon Sachin Tendulkar attends a sports awareness campaign at a school in India.

Sports making a regular place in the school curriculum has been a debate for the ages. Besides, the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020 suggests an inclusion of the same. Nevertheless, allow us to delve in deeper and stretch it a bit longer. Sure, good grades in school can get you stable earnings. But a stable lifestyle isn’t all about good earnings. A stable lifestyle comes with discipline, self-confidence, and time management. Also, it comes with emotional fitness. So, why not include such a field into the school curriculum that provides the school-goers with all these. And the only field there is with such an offering on a consistent and concrete basis is sports. It has the power to attract school-going kids and pollinate them with life-enhancing factors.

Besides, school life is usually filled with failures at various levels. Dealing with this could be a tough task for most school kids. However, sports can provide them with ample experience to learn to deal with these pressure situations. Also, it will allow them to try and overcome an adequate number of such phases. Eventually, it’ll fill the kids with self-confidence, which is necessary for any sphere of life. Furthermore, a day-to-day sporting culture brings a life full of discipline, which is a vital component in any young man’s life.

Sports in school
Former sports minister of India, Kiren Rijju, declared that sports will be a part of the school curriculum as per the NEP 2020.

Making sports a part of the school curriculum will compel the kids to learn to manage their time by juggling between studies and sports. This can enhance their time-management skills in a practical way. Besides, instilling kids with comradery, leadership skills, focus, and the hunger to reach their goals are some of the numerous perks that sport plays in a kid’s upbringing.

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Will a school curriculum with sports aid the academics as well?

One of the most important factors that sport can possibly play in the life of a youngster is emotional fitness. The ups and downs that one goes through in sports ensure a never give up attitude is in place, even when they face challenges left, right, and center. Such experiences make a kid immune to emotional setbacks, which come in really handy in the academic sector as well. So, it can be rightly said that sports and academics benefit one another in more than one way.

Sports in school
The ‘Khelo India Youth Games’ (KIYG), which focuses on the hunt for grassroots talents, is a hit among the school-going youths of the nation.

Hence, if the question is, ‘Should sports be part of the school curriculum?’, then the answer must be a definite and unaltered ‘yes’. It will not only be a welcome change but also a necessary one too. Also, it will make one’s school life even more inviting and knowledgeable. To put it in a nutshell, rather than making a child or his parents choose between sports ‘and’ academics, why not make it sports ‘in’ academics?!

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