How to find Baseball glove oil Alternatives

Have you heard of Baseball glove oil Alternatives? You love baseball but you are not at all taking care of the gloves which is obviously the most essential thing, how come? If you have seen a fish out of the water, you are exactly that without your glove. The glove is there to provide you comfort while you will play so that you can give your best and of course, win the match.

If you have just bought a new glove, you will notice that it feels slippery and stiff also. So, it will eventually create trouble when you will be playing baseball as well as, it might make you awkward. If you do not oil it then it’s effectiveness will be zero and you can not give your best. You might ask for the pre-broken glove in the store as that might be available sometimes but what if you can not find them? Then you will also have no option left.

However, no matter what process you are thinking of to break the stiffness, the best option would be nothing but the application of baseball glove oil. Honestly, we have seen a hell lot of people asking how to do that exactly and where would you find the oil. Basically, the actual oil that is original is not that easy to find but you can always go for alternatives.

Hence, we thought that we would be sharing the necessary alternative oil that will help you to do the same and easily available. Let’s get into the point and check out further!

How To Oil A Glove?

Applying baseball glove oil is not that difficult thing to do and the first thing you need to remember is, you need to choose a good quality leather glove for playing baseball. We would be sharing the steps of oiling your gloves below.

1. There are two types of oil one is glove treatment oil and glove conditioning oil and you will find them both in the market or in sports stores. You will have to apply the oil on the surface of your glove and not at all to the interior. First of all, glove oil is non-absorbing and it will remain on the surface on the glove. Hence, it will provide a long-last condition.

2. After applying the oil, you should never expand the glove outwards. In case, you want to avoid this situation, you need to secure the position by keeping a cluster of rubber bands around it.

3. You should leave the glove as it is for a day and after a day, you need to wear the glove and check the movements. If you are still feeling stiffy and hard then you need to oil it again and make it flexible by following the same way.

4. Application of the conditioners and oil will help the glove to maintain the flexibility for a few days but you need to keep applying it often to make it softer.

You need to use the gloves frequently and once you are done using it, wrap it, and keep it safe for a few days. It will help in the breaking process.

Hence, you are now clear with the whole process of how to break the stiffness of the glove and you do not need any further guidance but to follow the exact way we have explained and you will be done.

How to Choose The Best Oil For Baseball Glove?

We know that you are all set to choose the best oil for your baseball glove but you need to remember a few things while buying. Let’s check out the factors.

1. Size: When we were finding the baseball oil, we have seen that they come in a variety of sizes but if you choose the small one then they have only a few ounces so you should better choose a decent one.

2. The intention of Use: The whole thing will depend on how you want your glove to be. Think before you buy it. You want to break your new glove or restore the old one? Hence, you will get variation and choose accordingly.

3. Price: Honest, most of the oil is not at all expensive than $10. The baseball glove oil not at all expensive and you do not need to worry about the price. And one-time investment will go a long way. 

4. Ingredients: If you are okay with some petroleum products and you like natural things then you will find them too. There are so many oil alternatives that are more like petroleum jelly or itself petroleum jelly. Hence, it would depend on you.

Baseball glove oil Alternatives
Baseball glove oil Alternatives

Once, you have made your facts clear regarding choosing the best glove oil, you need to have a wide idea about everything so that you do not have to face any further issues. You should make yourself prepare and read about everything beforehand so that you do not have to worry while doing the whole thing.

However, it is no doubt, a pretty much easy process to follow and we have already mentioned the steps so that the whole thing becomes easy for you. Do you have any further doubt? We will help you in many other ways as well below.

Baseball Glove Oil Alternatives:

If you are searching for some perfect baseball glove oil alternative then we have a few on our list and you should check that out!

1. Shaving Cream:

If you are really not sure about investing in baseball oil then you should definitely invest in shaving cream. First of all, it is easily available at home and the second reason would be, it can make a perfect alternative of conditioner and traditional oil. Shaving cream will eventually make your glove soft as well as keep it moisturized. You should rather avoid shaving cream that has fragrance or alcohol. However, it will not only keep your glove moisturized but also works on a leather glove.

2. Lanolin Oil:

Baseball glove oil Alternatives

This is a very popular oil that comes from sheep and you will find it in many glove oil and conditioning products. It is provenly good for leather because it will preserve, soften, and protect your glove while making it stay supple for a long time period. However, you can also buy it individually as it is sold like that also. You can easily avoid other cleaning chemicals if you want to. Sometimes, cleaning chemicals would break your gloves and make its life short.

Hence, you are now aware of the alternate products that you may use and they are as good as glove oil so you can totally rely on it. Vaseline is another thing that you can use as an alternative with the other things and it will also work pretty much good.

Mink Oil Baseball Glove:

If you are wondering how good mink oil is, then let me tell you, mink oil is so good when you want to break the stiffness of your glove and you will absolutely love it. It will also protect your glove from heat, air, and light. In fact, it could make a great alternative and you will not have to invest a lot of money. Just like the other alternatives we have mentioned, this is another one that you will love. For breaking your glove, you can follow the same procedure no matter which product you are using.

Nokona Glove Oil:

This is not an oil but more like a conditioner so if you are searching for something that would be perfectly replaced by the original conditioner and the premium quality would woo your mind. It’s not true that every time you need a glove oil but a conditioner would do the work too. This is a classic conditioning treatment for your favorite glove and you can opt for it.

Baseball Glove Conditioner:

Baseball glove oil Alternatives

Baseball glove conditioner is basically for maintenance purpose and you can use it to break your glove. However, oil and conditioner both will do the same work so you should not worry if you are going to choose a conditioner over oil. But we would suggest you follow up on the conditioner with the wall. It will give you the best possible result and they are effective as well. You can choose a petroleum jelly based conditioner so that you can be accustomed to it.

Hot Glove Cream Conditioner:

If you want to protect your glove then you need to choose a hot glove cream conditioner along with oil. First of all, this is safe and effective so you do not have to worry about the perseverance of your glove as it is the most important part that you couldn’t deny. You will find many alternatives online and you can get one from there too.

Baseball Glove Oil Substitute:

Honestly, the things we have mentioned as an alternative can be used as a substitute and there is no such difference between them. Oils like linseed oil, neatsfoot oil, mink oil, and others can be used. You can even use petroleum jelly as a substitute. In fact, we have previously discussed shaving cream and saddle soap can be used as a substitute. So, you can choose according to your preference and obviously, the budget.

Shaving Cream Baseball Glove:

Haven’t we already told you, how good shaving cream is good for breaking your baseball glove? Well, you can hassle-free use it and shaving cream will also keep it maintained so that you do not have to buy glove frequently. If your budget is low then anytime, you can go for this as you will find it everywhere around your home.


Baseball glove oil AlternativesDiscussion
How To Oil A Glove?The process is a bit lengthy so we have discussed it in this article. You should check it out!
How to Choose The Best Oil For Baseball Glove?If you really want to choose the best oil then you will have to dig a bit and know everything about glove oil. However, we have guided you here to choose the best.
Baseball Glove Oil AlternativesThere are so many alternatives and they are literally super good so you should look into them.
Mink Oil Baseball GloveThis is no doubt, a great alternative and you must check this out once!
Nokona Glove OilHaven’t you heard about it? We need this to keep our glove safe and perfect.
Baseball Glove ConditionerConditioner is not to break your glove but to maintain it. So, you need it just after the oil.
Hot Glove Cream ConditionerAs we said, conditioner is an important part that you can not skip.
Baseball Glove Oil SubstituteSubstitute and alternative will stand together so, you do not need to worry at all.
Shaving Cream Baseball GloveShaving cream is just sooooo good!

We know that you love playing baseball more than anything else and that is why baseball glove is so important for you. But, if you do not make it proper as in soft, you will never ever be able to play freely if your gloves are hard and stiffy so you would better make it soft and break today. Once, you will feel the stiffness, you will understand the value of a glove oil


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