Basketball Leagues: Forget NBA, Watch European Leagues

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When we talk about Basketball Leagues, only one League comes to our mind: The NBA. Forget that, because today I will be telling you about the European Leagues. They need more of our time and attention than the NBA. Sometimes, they are even more fun to watch than the NBA. Just like how we all admire and love European Football leagues, trust me, once you start watching European leagues, there is no going back. There are so many basketball leagues going around in Europe, with high-quality basketball, and we never pay attention to them. Now is the time for these leagues to shine among fans, who are not from Europe.

Every country in Europe has its own League. Some are big and some are small. But all have this love and passion for the sport. Remember Luka Doncic? Do you all know where he came from to the NBA? He was playing for Real Madrid before he joined the NBA. There are a lot of foreign players who come from these European Leagues to join the NBA. Today, I will be telling you about some European leagues to gather your interest so when the time comes, you switch to European basketball. It is fun, entertaining, intense, and most of all the fans. It will remind you of football fans!

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Basketball Leagues: Champions League Of Basketball, The Euroleague

Basketball Leagues Euroleague

Out of all the Basketball Leagues, Euroleague is the top-rated League in Europe and is the second highest-rated League after the NBA. It has probably all the qualities that will you make you watch it. It provides high quality, great passing, and shooting basketball. Just like the Champions League, top teams of Europe from their respective countries compete against one another. Teams from Spain, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, and Serbia are the more dominant ones in this League. The current champion of the Euroleague is Anadolu Efes. They won the cup twice in a row now and have been Turkish champions as well. Apart from this, teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, CSKA Moscow, and Olympiakos, are also big teams in the League. The League will start in the autumn, so make sure to remember this.

Basketball Leagues: Germany BBL

Germany BBL

Germany BBL is the first-tier domestic basketball league in Germany. It is the same as the Bundesliga, the only difference is, that this is basketball. Heard of Dirk Novitski? Yes, he also made it to the NBA playing through this League and making a name for himself. Germany BBL will provide you with great quality content, excellent shooting, and big players in the making. The top teams of this League are generally Alba Berlin, Bayern Munich, and Ludwigsburg. It generally starts in mid-October and finishes in May. Make sure to not miss out on it.

Spain ACB

Spain ACB

Spain is the La Liga of basketball when it comes to Basketball Leagues. The Gasol brothers are graduates of this League. Our superstar Luka Doncic is a product of this League. This League is more technical than Germany’s BBL. You will find more creativity in passing than just normal shooting. It is more to do with the Spanish style of play than anything else. Teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Saski Baskonia, and Juventus Badalona are the top ones. If like you like technical stuff, then go for this League.

Turkish Superleague: Powered By Turkish Airlines

Turkish Super League

Turkish Superleague makes its way to one of the top leagues in Europe. Simply because Anadolu Efes has been the Euroleague Champions twice in a row now. The playing style in the League is quite fast. You might see a lot of high-scoring games and suddenly find a very low-scoring one as well. Apart from Anadolu, Fenerbahce is also a top team in the League. They have a big and old rivalry with Anadolu Efes. There are more than 15-16 teams in the League. The others are Galatasary, Besiktas, Koleji, Royal Hali, and a lot more. For fun drama, make sure you follow the Turkish League.

Italy Serie A

Italy Serie A

This League, Italy Serie A has produced a lot of excitement in recent times with the emergence of a new strong team. Earlier, only Olimpia Milano was handling the responsibility of representing the domestic League in other tournaments, but now Virtus Bologna has come in strong. The atmosphere in the matches is great, the cities are great, and the locations are amazing. Other teams include Sassari and Fortitudo Bologna among others. Make sure you don’t miss the fun.

VTB League Russia: Basketball Leagues

Basketball Leagues VTB United League

VTB League is also a very dominant league situated in Russia. Teams like CSKA Moscow, and Zenit St Petersburg have maintained high standards in the European market. CSKA Moscow is a powerhouse of a team. Mike James, who recently played for Brooklyn Nets, was a part of the Russian outfit. They have won Euroleague as well and constantly remain in the hunt for the title with Anadolu Efes, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and others. CSKA Moscow has been the domestic league champions consecutively now. The good part about the League is that teams from other countries like Kazakhstan, Estonia, and Belarus participate.

Lithuania LKL

Lithuania LKL Zalgiris

Lithuania LKL is the domestic League of Lithuania. This League is worth mentioning because of one team with a rich history in Europe: Zalgiris. Zalgiris has always maintained its stature as one of the top teams in Europe. The domestic League is fun and worth watching. You will find a lot of quality players coming through the ranks. Just give it a try and then see for yourself!

Greek Basket League

Greek Basket League

Legendary teams like Olympiakos and Pananthaniakos come from this League. The fans, history, the play, everything is excellent about this League. If you wish to enjoy the ambiance, this League is for you. People who follow basketball passionately, come to these matches to witness greatness. Make sure you don’t miss out on that one.

There are so many other European Leagues as well which I didn’t cover but these are the majority ones. If you watch these as well, then your life is already sorted. Will come back for more later!


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