NBA 2016 Championships: Who Remembers Cleveland Cavaliers Epic Comeback?

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NBA 2016 Championships
Lebron James

NBA 2016 Championships has to be one of the best finals series played in a long time. It was a time when the Golden State Warriors were ruling the NBA. They used to be very dominant in the regular season and had another gear during the playoffs. The splash brothers duo of Steph Curry and Klay Thomspon were a big headache. Curry had made the record for most threes in a regular season, and by 2016 he was already regarded as the biggest three-point shooter ever. Apart from the duo, the team consisted of  Andre Igoudala, Green, and other good players. The team from the east, Cleveland Cavaliers, was again in the finals. The previous year LeBron James led Cleveland and lost to Golden State Warriors 2-4.

Coming into the 2016 finals, Cleveland had the amazing Kyrie Irwing with him. The 2015-2016 season was a great year for the Warriors as they made numerous records as a team. But it was the finals that took away the limelight for different reasons. It became the first finals where the team came from 3-1 behind to win the series and the NBA championship 3-4. It was not the Warriors, but it was Cleveland Cavaliers. That comeback still gives people goosebumps. The way Kyrie and LeBron James led the team after being 3-1 down was worth watching.

Let us have a look into the details of the 2016 NBA Finals series.

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NBA 2016 Championship: Kyrie and LeBron Creates History In Game 5


Leading to game 5 in Ohio in front of the home crowd, Cleveland was trying to chase the impossible in the NBA 2016 Championships. By game 4, they were down 1-3 in the series, and the Warriors were riding high on confidence. Game 5 proved to be a turnaround for the Cavs as Kyrie and LeBron stepped up for the game. The duo outperformed the Warriors and created a record by scoring more than 40 points for the same team. The performance was rated as one of the best ever in a final series. This put the Warriors team under a bit of pressure, and it definitely proved to be the case in the upcoming games.

Kyrie and LeBron
Kyrie and LeBron

James Massive Block In Game 7

If you have not seen Lebron James’s game 7 in NBA 2016 Championships block, then you have probably missed one of the best moments the camera has captured. It was the final quarter in game 7, and the scores were almost equal. In the final few minutes, the Warriors got a clear chance when Steph Curry stole the ball from a Cavs player and passed it to Igoduola. He was clear in front of the basket for a layup when suddenly, out of nowhere, came the Superman LeBron James. He jumped as high as the rim and slapped the ball away from the net, denying Igoduola a clear-cut opportunity.

James Massive Block In Game 7
James Massive Block In Game 7


This was moment was so crucial in the game that it gave Cavs the possession, and they managed to make the most of it. A three from Kyrie put the Cavs ahead, and they were successful in saving that lead. Finally, they won game 7 and won the NBA Championships 3-4. This definitely was one of the craziest comebacks in sporting history and not to be forgotten soon.

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