Go Fish: Rules for Go Fish

Hey there! Want to go for Go Fish!  

Let’s get into a group of 2 or 5 and begin the entertainment with the engaging game for the youngsters! Just like the game of Authors!

It is one of the games that can be played with 52 cards of a deck. So, hey, the main idea here is why should grownups have all the fun with a game of cards when children can take pace too

Go Fish is a classic children’s card game majorly played between the age group of 4years -10years that will not only entertain your child but even going to be the one perfect game for broadening their thought process.

Fun Fact here is , some people look for goldfish rules and land up searching ‘go fish game rules, because the real name is the ‘go fish’

On the same note, let us figure out the official go fish rules!

Go Fish game teaches the child to analyze the color and count, match the pairs and describe objects

Go Fish:  Rules for Go Fish
Go Fish: Rules for Go Fish

So, let your children, deep-dive, into the process of enjoying the ultimate game without even realizing that they are learning.

So, let us explore the fun by knowing ‘What are the rules of the go fish?’

Ask for the Go Fish instructions? Let’s know the basic steps of go fish rules for dummies :

This game can be played by a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 players:

• Shuffle well to distribute 3 cards to each player.

• Keep the pile of the remaining cards in the center of the table

• Let the first play take the turn and pick the card to ask the question like “Do you have a blue card with a yellow fish?”

• If another player in team finds the patch, he will hand it over to the first player which is basically means ‘fishing’ for a card to form a pair if no one has the same card, players will say “Go Fish”

• The fishing player will take the turn for the next player to ‘fish’ the card

• Once a player forms a pair of all the cards in hand, they can finally pull now draw 3 news cards.

• If a player manages to get rid of all their cards by forming pairs, they can draw three new cards.

• With the pile of drawn cards, the game will be on the edge of completion and here the counting begins,

• A player with maximum pairs is going to be the Winner!

Still Complex? Let’s play!

Let’s check on some players. Say A, B, C, D, or maybe Sam, Tim, Rob, and Liz.  

Sam, Tim, Liz, and Rob are the best of friends since their kindergarten days. What do you think? 

They are quite grown up now? Who cares? 

If parents can make the children learn the game, it is indeed designed for all!

Go fish game is for children of all ages and of all sizes.  A young kid to the old man loves to play the most popular card game on the earth. What matters is the company of your friends. 

Love your friends?  

So, what is pulling you down?  

Get a pack of yummy snacks, a bowl of crispy nuts and health drinks to enjoy the game to the fullest. 

Let’s flinch!


Go Fish:  Rules for Go Fish
Go Fish: Rules for Go Fish

Like all the card games, right from the top order of Bridge to Rummy, a pack of cards has to be played with 52 only. Though, it depends on the number of players too.  

In the official go fish rules, the pack contains 52 cards, you must be knowing though.  Some cards are dealt with and others are kept in stock.

Do you know WHY DO Y PLAY THE GAME before knowing How to play the game? 

The AIM of Go Fish is to have the most “books”, which means you have to have any four of a kind of the card. Like, say you have 4 aces, 4 kings, 4 2s, and so on.


When you follow the go fish instructions, it’s very simple and go easy thing. 

Rather it’s a child’s play only.  

What Does The Bible Say About Tarot Cards?Go Fish:  Rules for Go Fish
Go Fish: Rules for Go Fish

So, Sam, Tim, Liz, and Rob (imaginary names, not intended) get, set for the entertainment!

Yes, of course, there are.  Here in cards, the Aces (A) is of the highest value, while 2 (two) has the lowest value. But don’t bother about this in Gold Fish card game.  Here, the suits are not important, only that matters are the card numbers. Such as 2s, 6s, Ks, Js, etc.


There is a dealer in each game. For deciding a dealer, every player receives 1 card from a shuffled deck of cards. 

As said earlier Aces rank highest and 2’s being low, the player with the lowest card becomes the dealer.  All players form a square sitting position. Sam faces Rob and Tim faces Liz. Say for us, Sam is the dealer.  

So, Tim, Rob, and Liz will get 10 from Sam. The player to Sam’s immediate right is Tim who cuts the shuffled deck and Sam then passes the cards out face down, clockwise, and one at a time. 

 All the four get 10 cards from Sam. After Sam deals out ten cards (one by one, face-down, in a clockwise rotation) in five stocks. The two leftover cards are kept in a separate pile and with the other 10, all those 12 cards are kept as the stock in the middle of the table.


Go Fish: Rules for Go Fish
Go Fish: Rules for Go Fish

Sam has Liz to his left and Tim to right.  After the shuffling is done, Liz starts playing. 

Say when Liz has 1 King and Tim 2 Kings –

Liz: Tim, Give me your Kings.

Tim: I will give you all my Kings.

So long as Liz succeeds in getting cards (makes a catch), her turn continues. If she gets one or more cards of say, King that was asked for, she is entitled to ask Tim or anyone else for a card.

When Liz gets the fourth card of a book, she has to show all four cards, place them on the table face up in front of everyone, and continue with her turn.

Otherwise, if when Liz has 1 King, and Tim has none – 

Liz: Tim, Give me your Kings.

Tim: “go fish”! 

Now Liz draws the top card of the stock and places it in her hand. If the player goes fishing without “making a catch” (does not receive a card she asked for), the turn passes to the left, in this case to Rob.

Now say Rob makes a book when he has 4 of a kind. When a book is made, then Rob places the 4 cards face up in a pile in front of all the others only to that he has made a book. 

In this manner, Sam, Liz, and Tim make their own books.  Turn by every player gets their own turn to make their set of books. 

Go Fish: Rules for Go Fish
Go Fish: Rules for Go Fish

Sam, don’t be upset if Tim is catching up to the thirteenth mark.  See, Rob is also following Liz in the game.  It’s all a fun game and matching cards is the only criterion.  Look for your friends in times of need. And help your friend out when he or she is in need.  Or when they ask for your help.

If you get help, that’s great!!!

When cards not available, they seek the help of the stock cards.  That’s only “Go Fish”. 

In a way, the Gold Fish card game also has a teacher. 

Guys, won’t you help your friend?  Won’t you seek help from your friends in time of need?

Here when Rob, asks Sam for cards and Sam has none.  Rob has to Go Fish.

Say, in this process, Rob runs out of the cards. Then he has to select from the ocean, only when it is his turn. Now if there are no cards in the ocean or stock, then Rob is out of the game and the number of books that he has is final.

The game ends when all the thirteen books are being won.

 The winner of the game is the player with most of the books in his or her name. The player with the maximum number of cards left in hand is the loser. 

Go Fish: Rules for Go Fish
Go Fish: Rules for Go Fish

Here is the to the point for quick insight:

How many people do we need for this game

Minimum 2 and maximum 5
What age group can play the gameAll age group. However, mainly played by age group of 4 years to 10years
Are there any benefits of the game for children?Yes, it has educational benefits.It helps children to understand visual discrimination when they match the pairs.It helps them understanding and asking the question related to describing the objectsHelps them learn countingImproves thought process of children

So, don’t delay the game but let the fun begin with interesting fun world of Go fish game!

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