How To Get Sponsorship From Nike

Are you looking for Nike Sponsorship? Get. Set. Trigger!!

As we all know, Nike, Inc., is an American corporate giant that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of sports footwear, equipment, apparel, accessories, and services.  In the segment of athletic shoes and apparel, it has emerged to be the world’s largest supplier and is a chief manufacturer of sports equipment hence, looking out for an answer to how to get the sponsorship from Nike is worth a deal.

We all know!

Nike has achieved the success stage mainly due to an overwhelming marketing strategy. 

 It is also very well connected with its consumers and executes the research work based on the feedback.  The development of products is based on the needs of the users.

Base Runner

Stick to the baselines! 

How To Get Sponsorship From Nike
How To Get Sponsorship From Nike

Athletes, sports persons throughout the world keep a tag on the Nike Endorsements and Nike sponsorships.  Along with the business worth Nike has always been keen on bringing up young talents. Getting sponsored by Nike is a turn in a career that most of the athletes around the world aspire for.  

A Nike sponsorship can fetch a huge change and can become the milestone of success in their career path. 

The simple marketing approach of the brand has made it popular among the general mass too.  The tagline of the brand, “Just Do It”, installed in 1985, teamed up with the swoosh logo is the best combo for any age customers to go for it.  Nike has an unending list of athletes and sportspersons in their kitty, who they sponsor.

 A lot of athletes of NFL, NBA all clubbed together with the leading footballers, golfers, tennis players, cricketers around the world.

Jerk. Snatch.

There is no short cut route to get sponsored by Nike. 

No application procedure.  

The company follows its own rules in selecting the sponsored. They contact the concerned directly. There is nothing like the Nike sponsorship request portal. It’s for the efficient workforce of the company that they can accumulate the right athlete eligible for Nike sponsorship.  

Nike endorsement also runs on strict principles. 

How To Get Sponsorship From Nike
How To Get Sponsorship From Nike

Not that a school or college guy be eligible for that. Nike gives utmost importance to its product sale. 

So an athlete with greater value and social responsibility attracts Nike Endorsement. The focus is also on social responsibility. That the sportsperson can be idolized by youngsters across the globe is also a criterion for choosing Nike endorsements. As with any business corporate, Nike is very much inclined towards profit-making. Thus, it endorses athletes whose influence can enhance or boost the marketing strategy.

In this way, Nike strives towards earning recognition in different countries to provide Nike sponsorships to the athletes there.

Hunting for Nike sponsorship? Get some clues!

If you are eagerly waiting for your term to get a Nike sponsorship, here are some valuable tips that you may follow to enhance your chance in obtaining so.

Target. Aim. Shoot.

You have to understand the idea behind the sponsorship scheme of Nike.  Like any other profit-making company, the sole purpose of Nike too is to sell more and more products. Now when you are getting sponsored by Nike, the company would like to make the most of it from you. 

  • Nike sponsored athletes or Nike endorsed athletes must be extremely talented and hard-working and must be excelling in the top format of the game.
  • The athlete should be attractive with a huge fan base on social media and normal life too. 
  • The passion for your game should be at the highest level, that other things in life should be subsidized. Less passion draws less chance of obtaining a Nike sponsorship or Nike endorsement.
  • Image building of your own and constantly improving on it is the key factor. If these factors are proven to be satisfactory then there are chances of getting selected stands strong. Nike always supports genuine potential.


Few hardships. More benefits.

  • Nike sponsorship to an athlete should and must draw in the sumptuous amount of sales prosperities and promotion of products. 
  • The fan base and also the general public as a whole should look upon you as an idol to worship like. 
  • The followers should be encouraged to buy Nike products while they were endorsing the same. The audience can be influenced by social media, media coverage, print media, etc.
How To Get Sponsorship From Nike
How To Get Sponsorship From Nike

However, in most of the cases, the social media platform plays a major role in creating a positive impact and assertive quality in the athlete’s portfolio. Some athletes also write blogs where they share their thoughts and activities that can easily connect with the audience.

Others take to resort to defining themselves in different social media platforms. Audiences are not built overnight. 

Your performances will route the audience to your path and in consequence, will attract Nike sponsorship.

Time Trial

Did you know Nike has a wide range of endorsement deals? 

Though it mainly depends on the fan base of the athlete, yet there are no hard and fast rules or guidelines set up by Nike on how to get sponsored by Nike. Not only figures but facts and involvements of the audience, basically the worth of your audience is one of the parameters of getting selected. 

Say if the footfall in your social media handle or blog is only 200-300 visits per day, then it will be treated as a nominal one and will fail to qualify for a huge reimbursement. 

Quality and quantity of followers are both very important in fetching Nike endorsements.

Parallel Bar

Parallel Bar
How To Get Sponsorship From Nike

While you are starting your career and rising to the top, go for the local sponsorship companies first. Their policies and directives might be less stringent and will help you building a sizeable audience and funds to sustain and procure good quality equipment needed for the game. 

Interactions with the locals might also be easier in terms of communication.

Nike sponsored athletes were not chosen in one shot. 

The athletes went on striving in the field with sponsorships from local and small brands. There will be a time when you yourself will know that you have achieved substantial success, then try to contact the PR team of the brand. 

Finding out the proper person who is already in touch with the Nike team.

Bull’s Eye

Bull’s Eye
How To Get Sponsorship From Nike

After detecting the right contact, you should prepare the to-the-point proposal.  The proposal should be crisp and correct, preferably within 100 words.

The content should be honest, stating your deliverables and receivables.

Grand Slam

The list though is unending. Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Neymar, Wesley Sneijder, Carl Lewis, Michael Jordan are some of the names which are relatable to the present world of sports. Apart from individual Nike sponsorships, the company promotes the individual brands endorsed by Nike. 

Athletes such as Jordan, Kobe, Kevin Durant, Maria Sharapova, etc. get paid in millions per year that come in from multiple games.

Photo finish

Your work will be your signature.  

Early career sponsorships are not always fruitful. Mid-career endorsement makes way for sustenance. Getting sponsorship from Nike will draw huge exposure along with huge social responsibility and endeavor for constant high performance.  The company sale will grow with you. Both ways it will be a win-win situation.

Just do it.

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