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IPL 2021 Winner Prediction: Which Team Will Be Crowned As Champions?

IPL 2021 Winner Prediction: Which Team Will Be Crowned As Champions?

The following article is about the predictions on who is going to win the Indian Premier League 2021. The 2021 edition of the IPL is on its last few matches. This time in any other year, teams would have started to prepare for the next season. But due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the league was halted in between, At that point, it had just reached the middle stages. After a gap of few months, when everything was under control, the Board of Cricket Council India was permitted to continue the league. But instead of India, it was set to happen in the UAE.

After the Indian Premier League resumed, the fans are the ones who are the most excited. After the news of their favorite league getting started, they were buzzing, and the whole cricket fan base just found their energy to cheer. But there was a problem as they might not be able to directly go to the stadium as it was in another country. Since the start of the league, there were a lot of speculations going about who is going to win this year. All the team fanbase’s thought their team would win, but going to statistics, there are several better answers than sentimental answers. Let us see who is going to win IPL 2021, based on predictions.

Who Is Going To Win IPL 2021?

If considering the views of both the fans and statistics, then Delhi Capitals will probably end up winning IP 2021. Do not frown, hear me out first. From the sentimental point of the fans, Delhi Capitals is yet to lift the Indian Premier League trophy. They have been there since the first edition of the league and qualified for the playoffs several times. But the outcomes were all the same, and they got eliminated. Over the years, world-class players like Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Morne Morkel, AB De Villiers, etc., but none of them delivered when it mattered the most.

IPL 2021 Winner Prediction: Which Team Will Be Crowned As Champions?
IPL 2021 Predicted Winner – Delhi Capitals

Now coming to the statistical point of view, Delhi capitals have already qualified for the playoffs, with three matches still left to play. For most of the tournament, they have been holding the first position. They were in great form in the first half of the league, but after the gap, it took time to get the momentum, but they are finally there. With 16 points in 11 matches, they are just behind Chennai Super Kings. Even though they have qualified, they are taking every match seriously. In their last match, they defeated the reigning and five-time champion, Mumbai Indians, with 4 wickets in hand.

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Factors That Can Make The Difference

Several factors can make this year different for the Delhi Capitals. As mentioned in the last section, the statistics of the team is one to look for. Other things include the in-form players and the experienced coaching staff. Delhi Capitals’ captain, Rishabh Pant, is one of the best emerging players in the world. He has produced several memorable knocks that help the team in many situations. Not only the captain, but the squad also has the likes of Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer, Steve Smith, Anrich Nortje, and several other good players. One of the better points of the team is that the team does not depend on a single player.

The batsmen, bowlers, fielders and all-rounders, all do their jobs perfectly. Cricket is a team game, and Delhi Capitals is the prime example of that thing. Now speaking of the coaching staff, the legendary Australian player, Ricky Ponting, is their current coach. Mohammad Kaif is their fielding coach. They have the momentum at the moment. They will try to keep it till the end. If everything remains the same, Delhi Capitals will face Chennai Super Kings in the playoffs. Delhi Capitals has their own Twitter page.

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Other Teams To Consider In IPL 2021

Delhi Capitals is high on the list to win the league, but there are Royal Challengers Bangalore is the second favorite to win the league. Moreover, Virat Kohli announced that this will be his last year as the captain of RCB. They are yet to qualify for the playoffs and yet to win the trophy. The third favorite is Kolkata Knight Riders. The two-time champions are playing well, and winning their last three matches will earn them a place in the playoffs. The last favorite is Chennai Super Kings. For now, we can only predict and support our favorite team. Give us your feedback on the topic.

IPL 2021 Winner Prediction: Which Team Will Be Crowned As Champions?
Delhi Capitals Captain – Rishabh Pant

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