MLS Recap: How The Matches Fared?

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MLS season is in full swing now, the latest round of matches has come to an end, and the league looks exciting. There is a tough fight between 5-6 teams for the top spot in the Eastern Conference, and a similar situation is developing in the Western Conference. For now, New York City sits on top in the East just by goal difference, and Los Angeles FC is on top in the West. A number of games are remaining, and the fight for number 1 is in full swing. A total of 10 games happened yesterday, with 6 wins and 4 draws as a result. Furthermore, the leftover matches will be playing today.

Major League Soccer, for the popularity of the league, has just recently signed a 10-year deal with Apple TV. Broadcasting the games through Apple TV will certainly provide for a mass reach. MLS has a target to be a global league, and while it has gathered some audience, it is still behind other leagues. This is certainly a problem in America, where football is not considered their top sport. Signing superstar footballers has definitely helped their cause, but there need to be more reforms to make it worldwide.

MLS Recap: L. A Galaxy Survives With A Late Draw

Playing to make the playoffs spot, both L. A Galaxy and Portland Timbers battled it out at Los Angeles’s home turf. Disappointing for the home team, the Galaxy displayed a rather below-par performance. The Timbers came out very strong, attacking all fronts. The moment came in the 38th minute when Chara was able to hit a low right past the keeper.

At the beginning of the second half, Galaxy came out with a lot more intensity, focus, and determination. But it was in the 88th minute that the home team scored a goal making it 1-1. Dejan Joveljic scored a close-range header for the Galaxy.

LA Galaxy vs Portland Timbers
LA Galaxy vs Portland Timbers

Who All Won The Match?

NY Red Bulls, Austin, Chicago, Orlando City, Vancouver, and Real Salt Lakes came out winners in their respected matches. New York comfortably won 2-0, while Austin’s game was a rollercoaster. Despite getting a red card, Austin managed to preserve their 1 goal lead. Orlando scored twice before conceding a goal and made sure their defense do the talking. Chicago scored a lone goal in the game, and the match ended the same way. Even though Dallas had most of the ball, they could hardly do anything with it. Precision beats power, and accuracy beats speed is what Vancouver showed yesterday. With only two shots on target, they scored two goals. Real Salt lakes showed a dominant display and won the match two goals to nil.

Philadelphia vs Cincinnati, Columbus vs Charlotte, and Seattle Sounders vs LAFC all ended in 1-1 draws.

What is MLS?

MLS is the highest level of soccer league in the United States Of America. There are a total of 28 teams competing for the title, 14 in the Eastern Conference and 14 in the Western Conference. Out of 28 teams, 25 are from the US and 3 from Canada. After initial years of a struggle financially and otherwise, MLS is now finding stability. Superstar footballers like Thiery Henry, David Beckham, Kaka, David Villa, Gerrard, and Lampard have graced the league with their presence. Hope to see football grow to new heights in the US.

What is MLS

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