NBA 2K22: All About The Video Game & Where To Find Boots

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where to find boots in NBA 2k22

This article will focus on one of the leading basketball video games NBA 2k. The players who are not much familiar with the mechanics of the two versions of the NBA 2k22 will find this very helpful. Moreover, if you also are wondering the answer to the question that where to find boots in NBA 2k22 you are at the right place. Just sit back and read because the subsequent sections will briefly introduce the game as well as tell you all the best and easiest ways to earn VC or buy shoes clothes and accessories for your avatar in the game.

NBA 2k is a series of basketball sports simulation video games that dates back to 1999. This game has been getting a lot of positive reviews since it has been released in September this year. As the 23rd installment of the 2k franchise and the successor to NBA 2k21, the NBA 2k22 has lived up to the hype. Noy is just a game that includes playing basketball the NBA 2k22 has a lot more to it. Some significant improvements in the graphics and gameplay have made it even more fun. Along with introducing the VC, the features of customizing the avatar have also been added.

where to find boots in NBA 2K22
NBA 2K22

Where to find boots in NBA 2k22?

Let me bring your guessing game to a halt. But before I start there is just one minor thing that that is necessary for you to know. The answers to your questions may differ depending upon which version of the game you have. But do not worry as this section will cover all the versions so it would not matter much. Just read the information for the correct version and get to know where to find boots in NBA 2k22.

For the gamers who have the current-gen versions that are the PS4 or the Xbox one users can find all the accessories they want to buy for their characters at the clothing stores in the Promenade location. To your surprise, you will come across some best brand outlets like NBA stores, Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, and many more. So folk just peacefully shop in there and get your character a new look. The question here still remains that how to reach there. Well here is a step-by-step guide you can follow to make your task easy. Firstly all you have to do is find an elevator after loading the map. When you find the elevator you have to find Deck 4. The next step will involve selecting Cancha del Mars’s shopping hub which is the Promenade. Well, that is your final destination.

The Next Generation version players do not have to get disheartened because here is how to buy clothes and boots if you are using the PS5 or Xbox series X|S version. In order to get to both the essential and branded stores all you have to do is to head out in the city and select the clothing stores from the menu. The remaining steps are the same as the latest generation version.

where to find boots in NBA 2K22
NBA 2K22

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Other Requirements

Now that you know where to find boots in NBA 2k22, you must enjoy the game more. Buying anything in the game is not as simple as it may sound. In order to buy your favorites shoes or clothes, you must have the required VC. In this section, I will tell you the fastest and easy ways to earn plenty of VC. Some of you might not know what VC means, it is Virtual Currency that you need in NBA 2k22 for customizing your character in the game or buying upgraded multiplier attributes, etc. You do not have to spend real money if you have VC, great right!.

You can get VC in great amounts through MyCareer or endorsements as well. Endorsements involve your agent and that can be a hard way but the easiest way is via MyCareer. For each basket, steal or rebound you can earn VC. Just like the player in real life, they get a base salary similarly to once in the G league or NBA you get a base salary of around 500 VC per game. Depending upon your status, if you have been drafted the salary might vary. The other way around is to play in the city, go on quests and earn rewards. If you know or can look out for locker codes then also there is a chance you can earn some VC, but that is not an effective thing to do in short term.

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