Skip Bayless Spits Remarks About Dak Prescott’s Mental Health

Skip Bayless Spits Remarks About Dak Prescott's Mental Health
Skip Bayless spits remarks about Dak Prescott's mental health.

The American Sports commentator Skip Bayless started receiving hate for discussing Dak Prescott’s depression, calling it a sign of weakness. Dak Prescott is a football quarterback who plays for Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League. Prescott is known for being vocal regarding his opinions. Before the 2020 season was about to begin, he talked about his mental health and his dealing with depression. He said during his time in quarantine; he had insight issues. After his brother passed away, he started going through depression. Due to this, he could not sleep, and family trauma leads to a lot of emotional instability. He said that this season would be difficult for him emotionally. He will be vulnerable, and hence, he talked about it before only to keep the situation transparent and genuine.

Skip Bayless Spits Remarks About Dak Prescott's Mental Health
A still of Skip Bayless (right) from the interview in which he talked about Dak Prescott.

What did Skip Bayless say, and why are people furious at him?

After this incident, Skip Bayless went on to state that he has compassion for clinical depression, but as a leader of an NFC team and a quarterback, such things come forward as a statement of weakness. It is asking to take care of him when he should be the one taking care of them being in the ultimate leadership position. Talking about one’s mental health publicly can lead to others attacking you and use this as your weakness. This will also affect the team’s ability and will start questioning the leader’s judgments.

After giving out such insensitive statements, many professionals and athletes came forward and slammed him on his social media. He started trending on social media for the lack of sympathy. People called Dak Prescott brave for coming out and talking about this issue supporting him. After he started receiving hate, he went on to clarify that he was talking about the depression from quarantine and not his brother’s death. On Friday, he said that the people have mistaken and misinterpreted his words. What he actually meant was that the pandemic loneliness and anxiety should not be labeled as depression.

Skip Bayless Spits Remarks About Dak Prescott's Mental Health
Dak Prescott opened up on how he was depressed due to his brother’s death and the quarantine period.

What did the people say addressing Dak Prescott?

The fans supported Prescott, saying that this required a tremendous amount of courage, and it reflects on Prescott as an amazing leader and enhances his personality on and off the field. With September considered a national suicide prevention month, many people have started addressing issues related to mental health and depression. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death across the globe. The month is about talking openly about any emotional instability and any issues that impact your daily life stuff. The call for help is important, but many failed to do so, thinking about the judgment. With such people coming out and talking about this, it will encourage more people to come forward and talk about their issues too.