Stanley Cup 2022: Colorado Avalanche Wins Game 6, Clinches The Series 4-2

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Stanley Cup 2022

Stanley Cup 2022 has finally come to an end, and we have a new winner. Colorado Avalanche wins the series against Tampa Bay Lightning 4-2 and takes home the cup. After two years, new champions have emerged, which is, in fact, a good thing for the sport. When Tampa Bay won the game 5 and made it 3-2 in the series, it seemed as if Tampa will be 3rd time lucky as well, but it wasn’t meant to be. But credit to Colorado. They held on to their nerves and finished off the series with one game to spare. It was tough for Colorado, though, as they were playing game 6 away and even conceded a goal early on in the match.

But champions are what champions do, they stuck to their game plan, equalized, and scored the winner thereafter. It was the lowest-scoring game in the entire series. That just shows how nervy things can be out there, all defensive. Even though the consolation prize went to Tampa, they must be applauded for their stellar performance. They tried to keep the series alive while they were 2-0 down in the beginning and then 3-1 down halfway through. They gave Colorado a run for their money and truly showed why they were two times defending champions of the Stanley Cup. Overall, a brilliant finals series with a lot of ups and downs.

This article will provide the breakdown of game 6.

Stanley Cup 2022- Game 6

Stanley Cup 2022, game 6, was intense. It started off exactly the way Tampa Bay Lightning wanted it to start. Being the home team and down in the series 2-3, Tampa took an early lead. They even looked like the better team in the first quarter and ended it with a goal advantage. Things looked really good for the Lightning, their play was fast, smooth, and in transition. To all of us, it looked like the home team was on the course forcing it to game 7. The back-to-back champions were not ready to give up yet. It was their captain, Steven Stamkos, who lead from the front, scoring the opening goal for his team. The entire stadium erupted with joy and enthusiasm. It seemed the home crowd was ready to get a great game from their team tonight.

Stanley Cup 2022 Lightning Off To A Great Start
Stanley Cup 2022

Stanley Cup- Power Shift From Colorado

As soon as the second quarter began, Colorado Avalanche came out as a new team. They started dominating the game completely and gave no chance to Tampa Bay. They quickly equalized at the beginning of the second and scored another one towards the end of the second. They looked absolutely fearless, fast, and unstoppable. Tampa had no answers to Avalanche’s attacks. The entire stadium turned into an empty one. Nathan MacKinnon scored the first, followed by Artturi Lehkonen in the second.

Colorado Making A Comeback
Stanley Cup 2022

Colorado Avalanche Becomes Champion

The second quarter ended with Colorado in the lead and a dominant display. The third also followed the same script. The lightning did not have a single shot on target rather, Colorado did not give them any chance to perform any good. Only in the last 10 minutes did the Lightning try to do something, but it was nothing. With 2-1 the score, Colorado Avalanche managed to secure game 6 and win the series 4-2.

With this, the reign of the Tampa Bay Lightning ended, and Colorado Avalanche won their third Stanley Cup.

Colorado Avalanche Win Stanley Cup 2022
Stanley Cup 2022

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