Top 5 AWM Skin In Free Fire 2021

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Top 5 AWM Skin In Free Fire 2021
Top 5 AWM Skin In Free Fire 2021

The following article is about the top five best AWM Skin available in Free Fire 2021. After the release of the Players Unknown Battle Ground game in 2017, several other game developers tried to release games of the same genre. But to their horror, none of them could reach the level that PUBG had reached, except for one. That one game was Free Fire. Several people preferred Free Fire over PUBG. Free Fire is available on Play Store and App Store. With millions of downloads, Free Fire is one of the most popular games available on the mobile platform. Just like PROXIMA released PUBG Lite, Garena released Free Fire Max.

But let us not get into comparison. Our sole focus will be on Free Fire Max. To be more specific, our target is to list the top five best AWM skin in Free Fire Max. Free Fire Max will help the players to get a more HD view. For those of you who do not know, AWM is considered to be one of the best weapons in the whole Free Fire Max. The players, who are playing in the match, always try to snatch the AWM from the airdrops. Having it will ensure a guaranteed kill if the gun is fired the right way. Enough with the introduction now let us the best skins of the deadly weapon.

Valentine’s AWM

Let us start the list with one of the oldest skins in the whole game. Few players might feel nostalgic hearing this name, but this is one of the best skins for AWM in Free Fire Max. With a tri-color shade of light blue, purple, and deep blue, apart from being one of the best, it is one of the most beautiful skins available. The skin has an advantage and a disadvantage as well. The advantage is that the player will experience a better fire rate and deal more damage to his opponents. The disadvantage of the skin is the decrease in magazine capacity. We all know how irritating can it be to change the magazine continuously after only a few rounds.

Top 5 AWM Skin In Free Fire 2021
Valentine AWM Skin

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Playboy AWM

Do not go by the name of the skin. The Playboy skin is one of the coolest and coldest skins of Free Fire Max. Equipping it will ensure a better fire rate along with a better magazine. The player will experience less time on reloading and more time on knocking out the enemies. The black and yellow shade of the skin is like that of a tiger. Reliable and deadly is the best word choice for this skin. One of the best choices regarding AWM skins.

Top 5 AWM Skin In Free Fire 2021
Playboy AWM Skin

Duke Swallowtail AWM

The next on the list is the Duke Swallowtail skin. This AWM skin has always been a sight to see. This particular AWM skin is a fan favorite, and people who do not play Free Fire Max also know about this skin. The black and red stripes shade of the skin is beautiful and deadly. The skin can be useful in camouflaging among the different terrains of the game. Apart from the slow reloading speed, there is not much negative point to say about the skin. On the positive side, Duke Swallowtail skin helps to get an improved rate of firing and a better magazine.

Top 5 AWM Skin In Free Fire 2021
Duke Swallowtail AWM Skin

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Cheetah AWM

Cheetah AWM skin is considered to be the best by many Free Fire Max players all over the world. But I placed it a bit low on the list. It is due to the bright yellow combined with the black spots is just like the Playboy AWM. The design of this AWM reminds everyone of a cheetah. Just like a cheetah uses its strong paw to hunt its prey, this skin improves the damage rate and knocks out the enemies faster. The only problem with this skin is that the magazine capacity is reduced when equipped.

Top 5 AWM Skin In Free Fire 2021
Cheetah AWM Skin

Tagger’s Revolt AWM

The prints on this skin are unique. With so many colors, it is one of the most beautiful skins ever. Players who prefer to stay out of the picture and clear all their enemies can use this skin. With better magazine capacity and reload speed, the snipers will have a good time with this skin. Tell us about your favorite AWM skin. Give us your feedback.

Top 5 AWM Skin In Free Fire 2021
Tagger’s Revolt AWM Skin

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