Where To Watch English Premier League In The US, UK, And Australia?

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Where To Watch English Premier League Feature
Where To Watch English Premier League?

We have all the answers to your questions. For example, where can one watch the English Premier League? You will find the answer in this article, so don’t stop reading. The Premier League is all set to start on the 8th of August. So there are nearly two weeks until the season begins. The prayers from the fans will start for their teams. Currently, the teams are on their pre-season tours. Some are in Asia, some in America, while others have gone to Japan. In a week’s time, all the teams will be back in England, where the real preparations will start for the upcoming season. These next couple of weeks are going to be really crucial as to how the season will start for different teams.

A lot of clubs are actively involved in the transfer market as we speak. Leading the race in the transfer market are definitely the two North London clubs. Arsenal and Tottenham have been very active, and the results are showing. Both the clubs have bought close to four players each, with Gabriel Jesus and Richarlison being the prime deals for Arsenal and Tottenham, respectively. Liverpool managed to get hold of Darwin Nunes, whereas Manchester City got the big fish, Earling Haaland. Manchester United is still in the process of buying a strong player as Christen Eriksen has already accepted the terms.

Everything looks exciting for people in the US, UK, and Australia. This article will tell you where to follow the premier league.

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Where To Watch English Premier League: In The US

In the US, where to watch English Premier League is quite trending. The MLS season is in full flow, so there is an attachment to football(soccer) at the moment. Premier League is arguably the most watched football league in the world, and there are a lot of fans in the US as well. There are many ardent supporters of Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, and a lot of other clubs. A wide range of audiences tunes in to their televisions to experience the league. NBC will be covering the majority of the premier league matches in the US. The television broadcast company has partnered with the league to broadcast the games.

Where To Watch English Premier League In The US
Where To Watch English Premier League

In The UK

There are various platforms regarding where to watch English Premier League. This is UK’s league, and the people are super passionate here. Every club in the country has thousands of supporters, no matter how big or small. Football is a sport that was practically born in this country, people just love to visit stadiums, sing songs, and be there for their team. Sky Sports and BT Sports have taken the ownership to broadcast the matches. Other than these broadcasters,  there will be select matches on Amazon Prime. Make sure not to miss the upcoming season.

In The Uk
Where To Watch English Premier League

In Australia: Where To Watch English Premier League?

There is a huge audience in Australia that follows the premier league. In every pre-season, premier league teams visit Australia to play friendly matches, and the stadiums are always full. This year, Optus Sport has taken the responsibility of broadcasting all the matches of the league. Fans in Australia are very excited to see this happen and can’t wait for the new season to begin.

In Australia
Where To Watch English Premier League

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