Why Did Sasha Banks Miss Summer Slam 2021? WWE

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Why Did Sasha Banks Miss Summer Slam 2021

In this article, we will talk about why did Sasha banks miss Summer Slam 2021. Summer Slam is WWE’s biggest event of the summer and it had been for over 30 years. The “Biggest Party of the Summer” for WWE fans has always lived up to the hype. Without a doubt, the event is packed with lost and lost of action, thrill, excitement, and WWE superstars. You can also read official match news on its original website.

Mainly famous for hosting some of the biggest rivalries in the history of WWE, Summer Slam 2021 had all the factors one could wish for. But the one thing that disappointed the fans was the last-minute exit of their favorite Sasha Banks from the main event.

Extremely famous Sasha not only impresses with her clear cut sharp moves but also her pretty face and perfect body. She is a good hand in the ring and without a doubt exudes confidence along with bringing legitimacy to the women’s division of a sport that was dominated by men for a long time.

Some might even call her one of the greatest wrestlers that ever stepped foot in WWE and she has lived up to the hype. The next section will briefly introduce you to her recognitions and throw light on her journey so far. Moreover, we will look into the updates regarding why Sasha banks missed Sumer Slam 2021.

Why Did Sasha Banks Miss Summer Slam 2021
Sasha Banks

Who is Sasha Banks?

A lesser-known fact about The Boss or also known by the ring name Sasha Banks is that her birth name is Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado. Born in 1992, Sasha happens to access besides a professional wrestler. Hailing from Fairfield California, Sasha made her ring debut in 2010 under the ring name Mercedes KV. Further, she went to dominate in the New England Championship Wrestling until 2012.

It was that year she got signed to a contract and got assigned to NXT. And after joining WWE she picked up a new ring name for her and still goes by that name, Sasha Banks. Talking about her acting career she made her debut with the series The Mandalorian and even got a song dedicated to her story and journey.

In her glittering career, she has come a long way and is still going strong. Picking up along the way she has Five Raw Women’s Championship titles and the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Moreover, she is the third-ever WWE Women’s Grand Slam Winner as well as the fourth WWE Women’s Triple Crown Winner. Her personal life has been a matter of interest for the fans as she happens to be the first cousin of rapper Snoop Dogg. Not just stopping here she is also a first cousin of music producer Daz Dillinger as well as Brandy Norwood and Ray J.

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Why Did Sasha Banks Miss Summer Slam 2021
Still from the recent match Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

Why did Sasha Banks Miss Summer Slam 2021?

Recalling this year’s biggest summer event, Sasha was about to take on Bianca Blair in the main event of  Night 1 of WrestleMania 37. Everyone was pumped about this big contest in the ring but all the excitement dispersed just before the match was about to begin. Carmella was announced as the replacement of Sasha and it was announced that due to unforeseen reasons she could not make it. But it wasn’t just that match, since then Sasha was hardly seen in the ring for the next few weeks.

All the focus shifted towards the superstar Becky Lynch who returned after a long gap. Just when people started considering the possibilities of Lynch replacing the legit Boss she bounced back stronger than ever.

In August it was in the news that Sasha denied telling the reason behind her absence in the Summer Slam 2021. And still, the reason remains ambiguous. However, as now Sasha is back and she is breathing fire in the ring.

She made her intentions of reclaiming her SmackDown Women’s title very clear. Sasha defeated Becky Lynch and Belair in the recent episodes of SmackDown. One of the possible reasons that were speculated regarding her absence was COVID 19. But that was not the case neither was she injured. Neither Sasha nor the officials have given a word on the matter and looks like we will have to wait for Sasha’s biopic to learn the exact reason.

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