WWE Survivor Series 2021: Time, Release Date, Matches

WWE Survivor Series

WWE Survivor Series 2021: Matches, Results, Time & Release date
WWE Survivor Series 2021 poster

Today’s article is all about WWE Survivor Series 2021. WWE Survivor Series is a professional wrestling event. This event is organized by WWE every year, in November. Today this event is considered to be the second-highest pay-per-view event. The first-ever Survivor Series, held in the year 1987, came as a huge success to WrestleMania III. As the WWF at the time began to see a lucrative potential in the paid market. The first event took place in a grand rivalry between André the Giant and Hulk Hogan, who competed in WrestleMania III. Since 1995, the event has been held the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

On February 11, 2010, WWE announced the Survivor Series would be redefined, but in June, the event was reverted to WWE’s individual payroll system. The event is traditionally characterized by having games to eliminate the tag team, including teams of four or five wrestlers. These games are often referred to as “similarities in a series of survivors.” The WWF had several tag-finishing games in early 1987, although it had three men’s teams and freely related feuds. In the first break from the ordinary, the 1992 event had one game to finish the team. The 1997 event saw the Montreal Screwjob, while the 1998 event was the first outside of the team’s elimination games, instead of focusing on the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. The 2002 Survivor Series is notable for the start of the Elimination Chamber game.

Let us see where these events are going to be held this year, its release date, timing and results.

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WWE Survivor Series 2021: Matches, Results, Time & Date

WWE Survivor Series 2021: Matches, Results, Time & Release dateate
WWE Survivor Series 2021


This year’s WWE Survivor Series 2021 matches will take place at the Barclays Center in New York. This is the 35th event of WWE Survivor Series. In 2021, all the events of Survivor Series are going to be held at this place. This space has been used for many other events of WWE in the past as well. And this place is located in Brooklyn. It is believed that the event of 2021 is going to be very big and successful, a large number of people are likely to come. This stadium is so big that in a concert, more than 20 thousand people can sit and watch the match. Previously, in this stadium, there have been several live events of WWE, the participants were 205 Live, ECW. And there have been several participants like Raw, NXT,  SmackDown in the main event of Survivor Series.


The results of this year’s matches can be told only when these matches will be played first. But their previous results have been interesting, sometimes a difficult 4-3 win by Raw, a 3-2 win in 2016, and in 2018, a 6-0 clean sweep. In 2019 Raw won the match against Brand Supremacy by four out of seven. While Raw won only pre-shows and SmackDown won two matches. In 2020, Raw won 4-3 against SmackDown. Now the audience will be waiting for who will be the winner of this Survivor Series of 2021.

Time & Date

This event of WWE Survivor Series is scheduled to start on 21st November 2021, In the US, this event will be shown live on Peacock at 8 PM. Whereas its pre-show will start an hour before. However, in India, the show will be shown live on channels like Sony Ten 1 and Sony Ten 3 at in the morning. And its kickoff will start half an hour earlier. In Australia, the Kickoff Show of this event will be shown on 9 am and Survivor Series will start at 10 am.

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WWE Survivor Series

WWE Survivor Series 2021: Matches, Results, Time & Release date
WWE Survivor Series 2021

There have been 34 events till now of the Survivor Series which started in 1987. Prior to this series, the Event was held in Richfield, Ohio. Survivor Series events have happened many times at this place. WWE Survivor Series events have taken place in several different countries, including New York City, Dallas, Texas, Detroit, Michigan, Montreal, Quebec, Cleveland, Ohio, Miami, Florida, Washington, D.C., Canada, Indianapolis, Indiana. In which sometimes 10 matches, sometimes 8 matches, and only 7 matches were played due to the lockdown. Every event of the WWE Survivor Series has been successful. Now it will be interesting to see who wins the event now.

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