Free Fire Diwali All Stars Event 2021: Teams and Schedules

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Free Fire Diwali All Stars 2021: Teams and Schedules
Free Fire Diwali All Stars 2021: Teams and Schedules

The following article is about the Free Fire Diwali All-Stars Event 2021 and the teams and schedules. People love games, and there is no denying this fact. Different people play different types of people. There are several genres of video games available in the market. It all depends on the choices and personality of a person as to which game will he love to play. People loving sports video games will tend to buy FIFA and NBA each year to never miss any action, while people loving adventurous games will prefer the Uncharted games. The gaming platforms also differ. Some prefer PC while some prefer PlayStation while some prefer their mobile phones over any other platforms.

Free Fire is one such game that has a million followers, and people readily love to play the game. The action survival game has attracted several people to play the game. Garena games have profited millions with this game. Every once in a while, there are updates to the game, which the players enjoy a lot. These updates have several features which make the game more interesting. Recently, the Twitter page of Free Fire uploaded a post mentioning that there is an upcoming event based on Diwali. People are still confused as to what is that about. In this article, we will bring all the details of Free Fire Diwali All Stars 2021, so keep on reading the article.

Free Fire Diwali All-Stars 2021

Diwali is more than a celebration for us. It is an auspicious occasion where people share the love. To pay tribute to such an occasion, Garena, developer of Free Fire, announced that they will hold Free Fire Diwali All Stars 2021. Several streamers, pro teams, and influencers from India will be invited to take part. The event is scheduled to take place on the 30th and 31st October 2021. A two-day event to commemorate such an auspicious occasion. Free Fire Esports, the official website of Free Fire, announced all players and teams taking part in the event a couple of days ago through a post. Along with it, Garena published the schedule and format of the event too.

Free Fire Diwali All Stars 2021: Teams and Schedules
Schedule Of Free Fire Diwali All-Stars 2021

The festival of lights and joy is for everyone. Every people have the right to enjoy the occasion. To make the occasion more memorable, Garena took this step. The togetherness and celebration that comes with Diwali is the main motive behind this thought. The developers have tried to invite several people from all over the country to join their community. The Free Fire community looks to maintain a clean thought and fulfill the desires of all the players that are playing the game. Apart from that, the invited players have different backgrounds, and not all are gamers. More than a competition, it is a Diwali bonus for us to see our favorite people all together.

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List Of Female Invitees On Day 1

Some several female teams and individuals play Free Fire. Influencers, streamers, professional gamers, etc., all are invited. The event is will showcase the competitive as well as the friendly aspect of Free Fire. All the invitees have proven themselves on the gaming platforms. As per the rules, there are supposed to be four games held on 30th October, and the top two teams will qualify for the event on 31st October. Now coming to the names, the list of female invitees is named below.

  1. Anshi Gaming
  2. Sooneta
  3. Unicorn IB
  4. Sonam9Gamer
  5. Katty’s Kingdom
  6. Renu Gaming
  7. Bella Gaming
  8. EagleEYE Gaming
  9. Bright Fox
  10. Gaming Girl
  11. Haley FF

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Invitees Of Day 2

PVS Gaming Esports, Desi Games Esports, Team Elite, and Total Gaming Esports are invited on the second day of the event. Those who play Free Fire know that all the above-mentioned teams are pro teams, and they actively participate in national and international Free Fire tournaments. Apart from them, there is a set of influencer teams who are chosen by the Free Fire Community. They are:

  1. Lokesh Gamer
  2. X Mania
  3. Daddy Calling
  4. Nonstop Gaming
  5. Assassins Army
  6. TSG Mann
Free Fire Diwali All Stars 2021: Teams and Schedules
Playoffs Of Free Fire Diwali All-Stars 2021

According to the rules, these six teams along with the four pro teams will join the two female teams on day 2. On day 1, there will be four games played, and then out of the twelve teams, one will emerge as the winner. An interesting set-up is coming up, which is sure to be entertaining and interesting.

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