PSG Women vs Zhytlobud-1 Women: Live Stream, Predictions, Result

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PSG Women vs Zhytlobud-1 Women
PSG Women vs Zhytlobud-1 Women

Today’s article is all about the upcoming match between PSG Women and Zhytlobud-1. The PSG Women vs Zhytlobud-1 Women match will take place today at 10:15 PM IST. There is a lot of curiosity in the audience for this match of UEFA Women’s Champion League. The PSG Women team is seen performing well every time and can be seen giving tough competition in today’s match too. But the Zhytlobud-1 Women team is nothing less, it can be seen giving a tough competition to bring itself back in the competition. PSG Women’s team has a win rate of 73 percent, while the Zhytlobud-1 Women’s rate is just 40 percent. 

The PSG Women vs Zhytlobud-1 Women match is a part of UEFA Champions League, Women, Group B. There has been great enthusiasm for matches arranged by the UEFA Champions League, especially when the match is between a German or a French team. Paris Saint-Germain Women’s team has given a much better performance than Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv women in the last 5 matches. Zhytlobud-1 Women’s team has scored a good goal in the last 6 matches. The game of Zhytlobud-1 Women in the UEFA Championship has been much better than the team of PSG Women. Whenever Zahilstroy-1 Kharkiv’s team leads 0-1 in the game, they win 100%. Paris won the D1 crown for the first time in 2021 after finishing run-ups eight times. At present, PSG Women’s team is at 1st rank and the Zhytlobud-1 Women team is at 3rd position. 

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PSG Women vs Zhytlobud-1 Women Preview

PSG women vs Zhytlobud-1 women
PSG women vs Zhytlobud-1 women

Paris Saint-Germain Féminine popular as Paris Saint-Germain, or PSG is a professional French football club formed in Paris. PSG has been playing in the top tier since 2001 when they won the Division 2 title. Paris received their first title, the Coupe de France, in 2010. With coach Sébastien Thierry and young defender, Laura Georges the team won 16 of the 18 matches. The women’s team then celebrated their 38th birthday by performing their first match at Parc des Princes. As of now, PSG has won four titles. At home, the capital team won one Division 1 tournament, two French trophies, and one Division 2 title. In international football, PSG reached the UEFA Champions League final twice.

Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv is a Ukrainian women’s football team formed in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In the year 2006, this team of women received financial help from the Kharkiv construction company “Zhytlobud-1” and renamed it Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv. At that time, the women’s football team called Arsenal has renamed Kharkiv and most of its players shifted to a different place. During the first year of their existence, the first Premier League winners of gold medals at the Ukrainian tournament. So far, the Zhytlobud-1 women’s team is the most prestigious team in Ukraine among women’s football teams. From 2011 to 2015, Zhytlobud-1 won gold medals five times in a row. In previous years, the country’s leading team was led by the following experts such as Valentin Kryachko, Yaroslav Lanzfer, Oleg Ruban, Valentina Kotyk. In 2018, the Zhitlobud-1 women’s team aptly represented Ukraine at the international level.

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PSG vs Zhytlobud-1 Team Predicted Lineups

PSG Women vs Zhytlobud-1 Women
PSG Women vs Zhytlobud-1 Women

Paris Saint-Germain Women Lineup

Formiga, Charlotte Voll, Alana Prepare dinner,  Berangere Sapowicz, Léa Kergal, Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Sara Däbritz, Bénédicte Simon, Ramona Bachmann, Noemie Vagre, Arianna Criscione, Paulina Dudek, Ashley Lawrence, Wissem Bouzid,Oceane Hurtre, Irene Paredes Hernandez, Nadia Nadim, Magnaba Folquet, Jordyn Huitema, Alice Pinguet, Signe Bruun, Inès Karaoun,  Laure Lepailleur, Jade Le Guilly, Laurina Fazer, Perle Morroni, Luana, Grace Geyoro, Sandy Baltimore,   Kenza Allaoui, Christiane Endler, Kadidiatou Diani.

Zhytlobud-1 Women Lineup 

Maria Svidunovich, Lyubov Shmatko,  Dajana Spasojevic, Alevtina Utitskikh, Olga Ovdiychuk, Nadiia Khavanska, Solomiya Kupyak, Irina Kochneva, Anastasiya Voronina, Julia Shevchuk, Daryna Apanaschenko, Olha Boychenko, Inga Mostova, Anna Petryk,  Birgul Sadikoglu, Gamze Nur Yaman, Ganna Voronina, Kristine Aleksanyan.

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PSG Women vs Zhytlobud-1 Women Live Streaming, Preview, Result

PSG Women vs Zhytlobud-1 Women
PSG Women

This match of PSG Women vs Zhytlobud-1 Women will be shown live on Wednesday at 10:15 pm IST. The match will take place at Stade Georges Lefevre, Paris, France stadium. You can enjoy the match live on channels like DAZN and YouTube. According to the predictions, the team of PSG Women will win by a score of 3:0. However, this prediction has been made after looking at the past performance of PSG Women.

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