Robert Lewandowski Joins Barcelona: Big Boost For the Catalonia Club

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Robert Lewandowski Joins Bareclona Feature
Robert Lewandowski

Big news is coming in as Robert Lewandowski has officially joined Barcelona. He has left Bayern Munich after being their star striker for 8 years. Nobody has scored more goals than Lewandowski. In fact, he has surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in terms of scoring goals in his time in Bayern. Now that is something nobody managed to do in the past. According to reports, Robert Lewandowski’s transfer amount was close to €45 million with the possibility of some add-ons. This has come as great news for Barca fans, as the club also signed Raphinha earlier this week. The squad looks strong as of now, a little bit more changes will be absolutely perfect for the Catalonians.

Barcelona would like to forget their last season even though they finished second in the league. The start of that season was absolutely pathetic. There were no signs of improvement, and the team went through a lot of injuries. A time came when the club was forced to play B team players in their main squad. A miraculous thing happened in the second half of the season when Xavi was appointed the manager. New players were brought to the club on loan, and it changed the dynamics. Players like Aubameyang and Adama Traore charged up the team to some extent, and injured players came back as well. The financial situation was out there in the public, which was also a major reason for their downfall.

Let us have a look at how Lewandowski made it to Barcelona.

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Robert Lewandowski: Transfer To Barcelona

This transfer was not an easy one. For months, Robert Lewandowski stated that he wanted to leave Bayern Munich after the end of last season. The transfer did not come as a surprise, but his relationship with his former club did. There were a lot of heated arguments between Lewandowski and Oliver Kahn, the former goalkeeper and current managerial head of Bayern Munich. Kahn criticized Lewandowski’s public expression of wanting to leave the club and the reasons he gave. Robert publicly stated that he doesn’t feel like staying in Bayern anymore and it is time for him to move on. According to Oliver, such statements cannot be made in public as it affects the image of the club.

Robert Lewandowski Barcelona
Robert Lewandowski

Moving on, the financial condition of Barcelona is known to everybody. Sources say that they had to mortgage their TV rights in order to buy new players. That is how they got their hands on Robert Lewandowski and Raphinha. Robert seems to be very happy, as he has expressed his desire to be a part of the Spanish club for a long time. Barcelona appears to be in much better shape than last season, thanks to new additions. Hopefully, they are looking at a much better season than the previous one.

Who Is He?

Robert Lewandowski is a Polish international football player. He is a superstar football and one of the best ever of his generation. He started his career in Poland and made it to Germany when he signed for Borussia Dortmund. In Dortmund, Lewandowski became a world-class striker before moving to Bayern Munich in 2014. From that season onwards, Lewandowski has turned into a goals machine and never stopped since. The 33-year-old will make his first appearance for Barcelona when the new season kicks off in August.

Who Is He 1
Robert Lewandowski

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