Sporting Gijon vs UD Almeria Predictions

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Sporting Gijon vs UD Almeria Predictions
Sporting Gijon vs UD Almeria Predictions

The following article is about the prediction of the match between Sporting Gijon vs UD Almeria. Most of us love to watch football and grab a share of the joy that it provides us. There are two types of people in the world; people who just love the game and remain neutral and people who love the game as well as have a favorite team. Both of them are right in their way, and we should never judge anyone based on their preferences. The football fans only talk about the big five leagues of Europe, but there are leagues outside that circle too. For example, Serie B and Ligue 2 are not in the top five but provide us with enough football action to enjoy.

If you truly love football, then you do not have to wait for the weekends to enjoy the big five league matches. People can also watch football on weekdays. For those of you who do not know, Sporting Gijon will take on Almeria this week. Considered to the other European giants, they may be small, but it is football that we are after, and we should not underestimate any team. Both the teams have several followers and will provide us with good football. Even before the match, the fans can feel the tension rising. Before the tension reaches too high, let us get into the topic to see the both of the teams have to offer us.

Sporting Gijon vs UD Almeria: Where To Watch?

Sporting Gijon will face Almeria in a Segunda Division match. The officials declared that the match will kick off right at 11:30 P.M. according to the Indian Standard Time. The match is scheduled to take place on the 2nd of October 2021. Sporting Gijon vs Almeria will take place in Estadio El Molinon, Spain. It is the home ground of Sporting Gijon. Unfortunately for football fans in India, the match will not have live coverage on television. But people can watch it on YouTube. For Spanish viewers, it is available on Movista+ and #Vamos. For experiencing a live experience, people can buy tickets to the match online.

Sporting Gijon vs UD Almeria Predictions
Sporting Gijon

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Sporting Gijon vs UD Almeria: Players To Watch Out For

When Sporting Gijon was playing in the La Liga, they were missing something. That missing was ‘experience’. It led to their relegation. But after being relegated, they pulled themselves up and have been offering us excellent performances in each match. The way they are playing, if they can maintain it, they are sure to be promoted to La Liga again. Sporting Gijon is in the sixth position of the Segunda Division. They have 22 points from 13 matches. They are only two points short of second position Eibar. Fran Villalba, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Jose Gragera, Uros Durdevic, etc., have all been playing well this season.

UD Almeria

On the other hand, Almeria is a Segunda Division veteran team. The last time they played in Primera Division, Real Madrid only had 10 UEFA Champions League Trophies. From that position, Almeria has improved a lot. They are playing good football and gained experience from their failure. Their failure is the prime reason why they are the best team in Segunda Division. Almeria is in the first position of Segunda Division with 28 points from 13 matches. They are four points clear from the second-positioned team. With Umar Sadiq, Francisco Portillo, Daniel Carrico, Dyego Sousa, and all the others in the squad, Almeria is hoping to get promoted to La Liga after winning the Segunda Division.

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Sporting Gijon vs UD Almeria: Predicted Line-Up

Sporting Gijon – Marino, Milovanov, Babin, Valiente, Kravets, Gragera, Diaz, Rodriguez, Villalba, Aitor Garcia, Durdevic

Sporting Gijon vs UD Almeria Predictions
Player To Watch Out For (UD Almeria) – Uros Durdevic

UD Almeria – Fernando, Akieme, Babic, Chumi, Nieto, de la Hoz, Costa, Portillo, Puigmal Martinez, Lazo, Umar

Sporting Gijon vs UD Almeria: Match Preview And Prediction

Both the teams have one target in mind, to get promoted to Primera Division. Almeria is a bit closer to their target than Sporting Gijon, but nothing can be confirmed. The league has a long way to go, and anything can happen. The first three teams are going to get promoted. Every match is a do-or-die situation for them. Both the teams are known for pressing football and will look for chances to score goals. Instead of waiting for the other team to make mistakes, they will look to score goals from open play. Even though Sporting Gijon will have a home-ground advantage, I think Almeria will win the match. But at the end of the day, football is unpredictable anything can happen. So let us enjoy the match together.

Player To Watch Out For (UD Almeria) – Francisco Portillo

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