UFC 276: Where To Watch In The US, UK, And Australia?

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UFC 276 Where To Watch Feature
UFC 276

UFC 276 is here finally. If there is no main event for a month, it seems like years have gone by. The global popularity of this sport in recent years has managed to surpass many other sports. The kind of fights we have seen are just out of this world. Such amazing fighters and personalities. Even though a lot of people hate Dana White (president of the UFC), he must be given huge credit for bringing in great fighters. He has made the league as to how it is today, and there is no denying that. In the last 10 years only, the organization has turned into a multi-billion franchise. Looking at the kind of fighters the UFC has and the fanbase these fighters have is impressive.

UFC 276 promises to be another blockbuster event. Israel Adesanya is headlining the main event. He will be defending his Middleweight title against Cannonier. It promises to be a great show, as is always the case with Israel. Just like Conor, he is also a true entertainer, a crowd-pleaser, and the fans just love him. There is no way people are going to miss out on the co-main event. It is a highly anticipated one and, for some, even more, important than the main event. It is Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway. The Australian is looking to defend his title once again, and the British look to rip him off his title. This is going to be absolutely one heck of an event, being held in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Note: The article will tell where to watch UFC 276 in the US, Uk, and Australia.

UFC 276: Where To Watch In The US

UFC 276, this is where it all began, this is where it is happening again. T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada. The entire country would be tuning in to watch this event as it promises to be a great one. The lineups are totally great, and it makes for one heck of a night. There must be thousands of people who have already booked their tickets to witness the fighters in the octagon. But there are people who would be tuning in their televisions to watch the event. Since this is a PPV event, it will be available on ESPN+ for  $74.99.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this one.

UFC 276 Where To Watch In US
UFC 276

In The UK: UFC 276

Max Holloway is representing the UK in UFC 276. This makes for a completely right reason for the people of the UK to watch the event. They will have to be present in front of their screens to support their champ. He takes on Alexander Volkanovski for the Featherweight title. Alexander has managed to defend his title on multiple occasions. If he manages to defend it again, will be a very big question against such a formidable opponent. For the UK citizens, BT Sports 1 will be telecasting the event live. So make sure you don’t out on this one.

UFC 276 In The UK And Australia 1
UFC 276

In Australia

People down under will have to come out in huge numbers to support their champ Alexander Volkanovski against the British Max Holloway. As the UK people would be ready to support their fighter, Australia must not disappoint. The country has a nice culture to promote sports and support its players, a fighter like Alexander would be expecting the same. Foxtel is providing the main event in Australia. Kayo is also providing the stream for AU$55.

The stage is set, the date is very near, and we cannot wait for all of it to begin.

UFC 276 coverage starts at 12:15 am ET (Main Event).

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