Who Broke Edge’s Neck In WWE In 2002? Edge’s Return in 2021

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Who broke Edge's neck in WWE
Who broke Edge's neck in WWE in 2002?

The following article is about who broke Edge’s neck in WWE that happened back in 2002, and now Edge is returning in 2021. Most outdoor sports require physical contact. In a sport where physical contact can happen, then the people playing the game can suffer from physical injuries. Out of all forms of sports that require physical contact, football, wrestling, and rugby require a special mention. Most of the injuries occur in those sports. Speaking wrestling, the first thing that comes to mind is WWE.

Over several decades, WWE has established itself as one of the finest wrestling platforms all over the world. It may look like entertainment, but for that entertainment, several wrestlers put their bodies on the line and endured career-threatening injuries.

Due to such career-threatening injuries, many wrestlers had to retire early as they were declared medically unfit to compete. Out of the several names on that list, the first one that comes to our mind is Adam Joseph Copeland or known by his stage name Edge.

Edge suffered from several career-threatening injuries in his career, but the one he suffered in 2002 was the trigger for him to retire early. Edge revealed the details about the incident in an interview. In this article, we will present all those details to you as well as the information about Edge. You may visit the official site for more updates.

Edge’s Retirement And Returning To Wrestling

Edge was forced to retire from World Wrestling Entertainment in 2011. It was an unforeseen event. He was suffering from cervical spinal stenosis. It was the final injury, but as mentioned above, it was not a sudden trigger. Over the years he endured several injuries, and the final result was his forced retirement.

The 11 times World Champion bid farewell to the WWE universe but was still connected with the business. He had his podcast on the WWE Network. During this time he trained very hard in his home and was determined to return. He has spoken in several interviews about how he missed the ring. After nine years, his dream came true. In 2020, he made his return to Royal Rumble and headlined Wrestle Mania. The whole WWE universe went crazy, and their chants could be heard even from heaven.

Who broke Edge's neck in WWE
Edge Suffered A Neck Injury In 2002 Against Eddie Guerrero

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Who broke Edge’s neck in WWE in 2002?

The black day in Edge’s career took place in SmackDown on 24th September 2002. His opponent was Eddie Guerrero, and the match was supposed to be a No Disqualification Match. The match was supposed to go on air after two days. Having suffered two bumps from the ladder, Edge slowly felt like he was losing control over his body. Even though he was injured, he still competed in the match. In an interview with WWE’s Beyond the Ring, Edge fully disclosed the event. In his words, the situation is as follows:

Eddie Guerrero landed a forearm uppercut on Edge. Edge bumped and fell on the ladder. It was at that point that he heard a crack. At first, he thought it was the ladder and was not aware of his injury. He continued the fight without any problem. Then, Edge was enjoying his career as well as having some of the best matches of his career.

Slowly the pain started to grow. According to Edge, he thought it was just muscle pain, but with time the pain started to grow. Then, at last, the pain was so unbearable that he had to undergo surgery. Having been ruled out for more than a year, Edge returned to WWE in 2004. It was for the WWE Draft Lottery Event.

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Edge’s Career After Return

After Edge returned to wrestling in 2020, he headlined Wrestle Mania and got into a feud with Randy Orton. Edge and Randy Orton had a tag team named Rated RKO and are long-time friends. The two superstars wrestled each other at Wrestle Mania and Backlash. Their match at Backlash was named “The Greatest Match Ever”, and was promoted under that name too. Their match lasted or 44 minutes.

During that match, Edge suffered from a torn tricep. It was fatal, and he had to be ruled out of wrestling again. Returning after seven months, Edge entered into Men’s Royal Rumble 2021.

Who broke Edge's neck in WWE
Edge Headlined WrestleMania After His Royal Rumble Return

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