Who Will Michigan Play Next? What We Know

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Who Will Michigan Play Next?
Who Will Michigan Play Next?

NCAA Football is back again. This time there will be more action-packed games full of entertainment. Now, you football fans have been asking, ‘Who will Michigan play next?’. In their upcoming match, the Michigan Wolverines will be facing the Iowa Hawkeyes. There will be other matches too, which the fans can enjoy. But considering everything, Michigan vs Iowa is set to be better than the rest. There have been several talking points from their last match, and the football pundits gave their opinions on the match. The pundits did a close analysis of the match and made it clear as to why the teams were performing that way.

With disruptions in the last 20 months, the NCAA Division I Football is one of the much-awaited sports events of the year. Even more than that, the news of the Hawkeyes taking on the Wolverines made them jump out of their seats. Rightfully, they will be present at the stadium during the match to show their love and support. Now that we are done with the introductions, we will focus on the main topic. We got our hands on all the details about the match and will be sharing them with you. With this article, you all will be all prepped up and ready to experience the clash. So keep on reading the article to know more.

Who Will Michigan Wolverines Play Next and When?

The Michigan Wolverines will be facing the Iowa Hawkeyes in their next match. The match is set to take place on the 5th of December 2021. Iowa Hawkeyes vs Michigan Wolverines will start from 6: 30 A.M. according to the Indian Standard Time. In Eastern Time Zone, the match will begin at 8 P.M., on the 4th of November 2021. The game is set to happen in the Lucas Oil Stadium, located in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, Indian fans will not be able to experience the match in any. But international viewers can it on the Fox channel or hear the live commentary on WWJ-AM (950) and WTKA-AM (1050).

Who Will Michigan Play Next?
Iowa Hawkeyes

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Iowa Hawkeyes’ Side

This season has been special for the Hawkeyes. They begin the season with straight-six wins. It helped the team reach the second rank in the nation. Out of their six victories, half of them were against the ranked opponents. On 9th October of this year, they defeated Penn State, who was ranked four, to grab their sixth win. But even after such a promising start, after their sixth win, they lost in the next two matches against Purdue and Wisconsin. Suddenly, they hit rock bottom. From this point, Iowa Hawkeyes’ coach, Kirk Ferentz, should get all the credit. He transformed the team, and they quickly won four straight matches. Their record stands with 10 wins and 2 losses.

Who Will Michigan Play Next?
Michigan Wolverines

Michigan Wolverines’ Side

Now coming to the visitor’s side, Michigan Wolverines also have had a good season, just like the Iowa Hawkeyes. They are in the first position of the B10 East. This year their record stands with 11 wins and a single loss. The Wolverines are undefeated in the home games. They packed seven straight wins. Their last win came against Ohio. In their away games, they only lost once, and it was against MI State. Their biggest win came against Northern IL when they won by 63 to 10. Cade McNamara and J.J. McCarthy are the two star quarterbacks of the team, who have been performing very well since the start.

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Match Predictions and Preview

Both of the teams have been performing at the top level and will do anything to win the match. If the Wolverines win the match, they will have a better record than the Hawkeyes, but if the other team wins, then both of them will have the same record. But taking everything into account, Michigan Wolverines are appearing to be a better team and are most likely to pick up the victory. Aidan Hutchinson of Michigan is one of the best players in the league. Blocking him is next to impossible. Ohio is the best offensive team, but Aidan went past through them just like a breeze and helped his team pick up the victory.

Another thing is that even though Kirk Ferentz did a good job, Michigan’s coach, Jim Harbaugh is a better tactician and made the team into a stronghold. The last point is that earlier this year, Michigan Wolverines were considered much weaker than the Iowa Hawkeyes, but through practice, they transformed themselves and are continuously showing dominant performances. But at the end of the day, it is just a prediction. Anything can happen during the actual match.

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