WWE’s Brock Lesnar Attacks Roman Reigns after Bloodline Turns On Paul Heyman

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WWE's Brock Lesnar Attacks Roman Reigns after Bloodline Turns On Paul Heyman
WWE's Brock Lesnar Attacks Roman Reigns after Bloodline Turns On Paul Heyman

World Wrestling Entertainment has always showcased several heels turns in its history. Some of it includes friends going up against each other. Just like that, another incident took place on last SmackDown. It was the talking point of all the wrestling fans all over the world. It came as a shock to almost everyone. It was story after story taking place on that day. Starting from Roman Reigns ending the reign of Paul Heyman as his manager, to Brock Lesnar beating Roman Reigns into a pulp. There was a lot of build-up to this event, and this was the ultimate showdown that took place on WWE SmackDown.

Generally, most of the interesting events take place in pay-per-views. But just after SmackDown, more drama took place. Everything looked normal at first, and several matches took place, and everything was going at a normal pace. Brock Lesnar arrived first and then Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns then had a session with Paul Heyman, and after that, all the chaos took place. We got hold of the full story and will be presenting it to everyone. So keep on reading the article to know the full story.

What Happened On WWE SmackDown After Bloodline United?

Paul Heyman was present on the promotion since the beginning and was waiting for his client, Roman Reigns to come. It was just at this moment that a limousine arrived in the arena. Coming out of the car was none other than Brock Lesnar. People were shocked, as they were waiting for Roman Reigns instead of Paul Heyman’s former client showed up. The two met and did a formal greeting. In their conversation, Brock was eager to know why and for whom his former manager was waiting. Paul answered saying that it was all for Roman Reigns. Hearing this, Brock Lesnar wished Paul Heyman good luck and went away. After that Roman Reigns came, and finally the two met.

WWE's Brock Lesnar Attacks Roman Reigns after Bloodline Turns On Paul Heyman
Roman Reigns Attacks Paul Heyman

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The Story Continues…

Both Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman went to the ring together and on their way, they were joined by The Usos. Roman Reigns was welcomed to the ring with chanting from the fans. The chanting was a mixture of boos as well as good lucks. Roman Reigns took the microphone and stepped up. He addressed the crowd of Chicago that he hates it when his brothers lose. The Usos and Roman Reigns come from the same family. The Tribal Chief then addressed Jey Uso that he also felt defeated as they were carrying the same blood. But at the end of the day, they are family and will always be so. Just after sharing such a heartwarming moment, Roman Reigns turned to Paul Heyman and viciously said that only Paul did not belong to his family.

WWE's Brock Lesnar Attacks Roman Reigns after Bloodline Turns On Paul Heyman
Brock Lesnar Delivering An F5 To Roman Reigns

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Brock Lesnar Enters The Ring

Roman Reigns told Paul Heyman that if he disrespects his family then he will have to pay the consequences. He then asked a few questions to test Paul’s loyalty. He then shot his questions like arrows. Starting from Brock Lesnar’s return, to Brock’s suspension being lifted, and to him being present at the SummerSlam. At that point, the crowd had already gone against Paul, and Roman Reigns knew it was all Paul’s doing. Then Paul took the microphone, and before he could say anything, Roman asked him why he was protecting Brock Lesnar from him. To this, Paul Heyman answered that he was not protecting Brock from Roman, but Roman Reigns from Brock Lesnar.

Hearing this, Roman appreciated his honesty and fired him. It was not before that he was going to leave the ring that he delivered a Superman Punch to his manager. He placed a chair under Paul’s head and going to hit it with another. At that moment, Brock Lesnar’s theme song played, and the Usos, as well as Roman, awaited his presence. Lesnar quickly rolled out the Usos and delivered an F5 to each of them. The Beast and the Tribal Chief came face to face but Roman could not bear it for longer and tried to run away. Brock caught him and delivered an F5. But just before the show ended, he delivered another F5 to the Tribal Chief. It looks like Paul Heyman has chosen a side; the side of the Beast. Tell us, what you think about the incident.

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