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Where To Watch UFC 277 Feature

Where To Watch UFC 277: Juliana Pena Vs Amanda Nunes

Main events are always highly anticipated, and where to watch UFC 277 is one of them. Get ready for Juliana Pena vs Amanda Nunes part two because it is going to blow your mind. Part one of the fight went to Juliana as she made one of the biggest upsets. Nobody in the stadium or watching on tv expected her to win against Amanda. I bet even her family must be having serious doubts about her. The betting odds were completely against her, 14x for Pena and only 1.5x for Amanda. This is how strong Amanda Nunes is. She completely dominates her opponents, destroys them, and sends them home with nothing. But it did not happen that day, or it wasn’t meant to go that way.

Heavy ground and pound, good wrestling, and catching Nunes off-guard was key to Pena’s victory. Juliana choked Amanda really badly and forced her to tap. Some unbelievable show of emotions was seen from Pena and her team. Amanda Nunes, like a true champion, congratulated Pena on her victory. But this does not end here for both the fighters. Part two of this encounter is coming soon, and the fans cannot wait anymore. Amanda Nunes will come out with a vengeance, and it will take a lot more than before for Pena to win again.

This article deals with where to watch UFC 277 in the US, UK, and Australia.

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Where To Watch UFC 277: In The US

US is the hub of this sport, and where to watch UFC 277 seems a legit query. A large audience tunes up to watch the main event. And if the main event is so iconic and fresh in everybody’s mind, then it makes sense to have a lot of options to watch. The event will be held in the American Airlines Centre, which is located in Dallas, Texas. A lot of people from Texas will be making the trip to the stadium to witness the action live. But there are many in the country who would love to see the event from the comfort of their homes. For all the people living in the US, there are a lot of options available to watch the fight. Since this is a pay-per-view event, ESPN+ is the best source to watch the match live.

Where To Watch UFC 277 In The US
Juliana Pena Vs Amanda Nunes

If you want to watch other fights as well, then just take UFC Pass and follow all the matches.

In The UK

For all the fans in the UK, this is very important. Where to watch UFC 277 is something every fan wants to know, and we are providing you with the information. BT Sports usually provides live coverage of the match, so you can watch it from the comfort of your home screen. The channel has a few years of contract left with the UFC, so they can provide the live telecast for some time more. Hoping to see the Brits not missing out on the action.

In The UK UFC 277
Juliana Pena Vs Amanda Nunes

In Australia: Where to Watch UFC 277?


Where to watch UFC 277 seems the right question when the main event is so near. Main Event, Foxtel, Kayo Sports, and of course, the UFC PPV. There are a lot of sources available for the Australian public to watch from.

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