how to set time on Armitron watch

Armitron Watch Instructions, Armitron WR165 Watches – Forget your manual after this read! how to set time on Armitron watch

Do you often envy men or women wearing classy watches?

I’m sure you won’t tell, though you know the answer to yourself. Let me ask you this, do you like wearing watches? Yes or No, never mind!

Do you often feel moving a step ahead of that watch counter without giving it a few minutes is just irresistible? Honestly, I surely do.

Are you a shopaholic? It’s like you enter a departmental store and your eyes end up stopping at every other brand that you see specially watch counters.

I mean even if you are not buying, there’s no harm treating your eyes with good stuff! Just Kidding, I won’t mind you buying either if you got a loaded wallet!

Believe me or not, it happens often with each one of us!

Well, let me come to the point, you don’t need to be always loaded with cash to get a good, classy watch. Here’s a curtain-raiser, Armitron Watches. Does it ring a bell? Yes, you got it right!

how to set time on armitron watch
how to set time on armitron watch

The one and only brand which has defining the adjectives of being called “Elite, Classy, Fashionable, Trendy” for men and women across the globe for over 50 years. Well, the founder Late. Eugen Gluck has left his vision behind while Armitron continues to add more and more happy people at good budget and offer a variety of sports, analog, digital watches for both the genders.

All right, here we are unleashing some of the tips to set your Armitron WR165 or Armitron Pro Sport Watch.

I must confess here, I’m a fan of classy watches and Armitron has lived up to my expectation so far. To give you guys a background, the idea is “let your watch define your mood and class”.

So, what would you do, if you lose the instruction manual for your newly bought watch? Correction, watches!

Duh! We are in the 21st century you see, off course all you do is Google and you got like everything that you want to overwhelm you. Isn’t it? But that was tough and let me tell you why.

I had to figure out information on two watches now, and to bless myself, one of the watches is Armitron WR165 and Armitron Pro Sports Watch

Setting up the Armitron Watches

Well, the first thing that you do is set-up your Armitron Watch before it starts defining your fashion.

Let me make it simple an easy for both the watches in discussion here, just trying to sound smart. Huh!

In a WR165 it’s very easy, you just need to remember the buttons, so here you go,
– press and hold the ‘mode’ button, yes, the one in the top left corner.
– Did the hours start to flash? ‘Adjust’ and set the hours,
– repeat the step for adjusting ‘Seconds’ let it go zero seconds. Good going! The destination’s a little far though.
– Set the minutes by pressing ST for the minutes to flash, minutes done.
– Repeat to set date, month and day of the week. Hope you still not holding the Mode button, just press and release. Congratulations! You made it and your Armitron Wr165 is all set.

The Armitron Pro Sport Watch on the other hand just needs little patience and your fingers to have speed. Didn’t get it! Let me explain:

1. There are buttons on the face of the watch, named as, “Mode,” “Adjust” and “Alarm“. Use your finger to press the “Mode” button a few times for time display to appear on the screen of the watch. Wait for the Alarm display to show-up and pause, press to move ahead.

 It isn’t over my friends! I told you I need some extra patience this time.

2. Well, this time you need to hold the Alarm button, to choose a 12 hour versus 24 hour format. Make your choice, let the alarm button go and done. You can now move on setting your calendar too by pressing ‘Mode’ to choose American vs European calendar, make your choice and let the adjust button go to rest.

3. This is like the last one, press ‘alarm’ to change the seconds, press “Adjust” to start with minutes, now its Alarm button’s turn to be pressed continuously though and finally change the hours by pressing the and use the alarm button to finalize the hours.

4. Lastly, you don’t want to sound like travelers from 1956, so don’t miss out on using the Alarm n Adjust buttons to change the timings to the current date and correct time.

how to set time on armitron watch
how to set time on armitron watch

Don’t curse me! I know setting up the Armitron Pro Sport Watch sounds little time taking, but that is just once,and the fashion is following you.

Now that you have already set up your watch, do you still feel a need of the Armitron Watch Directions manual? I’m sure you don’t.

Quick Tips and Warnings

In the Armitron WR165, you just need to hold the button on the top right so you can go to the advance the settings faster than pressing the button repeatedly and not to forget

Just be a little cautious for am/pm indicator when you are setting the hours of the watch while the watch is in 12-hour format. Otherwise, you might set it for a morning hour instead of the afternoon.

In the Armitron Pro Sport watch, you must be a little more cautious like If you want to access the calendar then you need to press the “Adjust” button; and release.

The only other thing is the watch being water-resitant, but not waterperoof and you should always refrain from pressing any buttons if the watch is drowning.

And for better battery results, try avoiding the battery to drain out.


I’m certainly sure that the information shared here would help you save your time and plan on buying the new watch to define your fashion all over again with the classy watches from ‘Amritron’.

Don’t hold yourself, fellas, fashion, class, looking elite, etc. does not need special stardom, all you need is to have the desire to raise the bar.


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